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Snow Machine Questions

What’s the difference between real and artificial snow machines?
Artificial Snow machines are used to create a scenery of it snowing in a 40x40 sq. ft. area and 30 ft high. This does not build up on the ground and will mostly dissipate before touching the ground. It does not leave stains or marks on furniture or floors.  This can be used indoor and outdoor. The solution used to make the snowflakes is made from a foam solution which is bio-degradable and hypo allergenic.

Real snow is exactly that, cold to the touch and can be formed and played with to create snow balls and snowmen.
How long does the real snow last?
Depending on the temperature and humidity of your location will very on how long real snow will last but to give an example; In Arizona we have had parties last over 5 hours in 85-degree weather.
Does someone need to operate the Artificial snow machine constantly?
Periodically you will need someone to check your reservoir and make sure you have an appropriate amount of solution in it. You don’t want your machine to run dry This could cause the motor to burn out.

How does shipping work?

Shipping will be different depending on real or artificial snow machines. Both snow machines will arrive a 2-3 day prior to your event and the price will include shipping back to us. After your event we will email you a shipping label to print out to place on the machine for return. We will either set up a pick up for the real snow machines and you can drop off the artificial snow machines at any local FedEx or call for pick-up. 

Do i need to provide anything or does everything i need come with it? 

The only thing you will need to provide for the artificial snow machine is a 5 gallon bucket other then that the artificial snow machine will come with everything you need in the box, with very simple set up.

For a real snow machine you will need to provide ice  from a local ice vendor (we can help you find what you need) and the ice vendor will deliver the ice to your house and you will run ice through the snow machine and place it where you desire. The amount of ice you will need will depend on the area you want to cover. We will let you know how much ice to purchase depending on the area of desired coverage. Set-up time will also depend on the desired amount of coverage when renting a Real Snow Machine. 

SNOW BLOWING*  Depending on your location throughout the USA we provide a service to come to your location and blow REAL snow for you from a very large truck. We will show up and have your area covered in about an hour just before your event. Please call for quote. This can range depending on size and location. The truck also needs to have to access for this option so we will need to look at your location from google maps to confirm if the truck can fit. Please call for quote on this (888) 731-4415.  

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