Real Snow Machines

Real Snow Machines

How does the machine create the snow?

You must feed Pressed ice blocks into the machine to create the snow. It takes 1.5 hours to cover a 15x15 sq ft area.

How much ice do I need to purchase to cover the 15x15 sq ft area?

2000 pounds of Ice blocks will cover this area. You need to purchase 10 pound pressed ice blocks, about 200 of them ($350). We can help you find a local company and you will pay them directly. If you want to get creative you can always freeze your own ice in gallon bags.

Can I cover a larger area?

Yes, you can do as big as you would prefer. It will just take more time and ice blocks.

What power does the machine run on?

This machine runs on a standard power 110v outlet.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping is freight ground can take 5-6 business days. We also can overnight. If you live near any major airport services by southwest it is normally only $85 to overnight each package, which is a very good rate for overnight delivery but you will have to pick it up at the airport through SouthWestAir Cargo(We can also do this for some international clients.)

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